Frequently questioned answers



Q. Why should I register with you?

A. You can always log in as a guest and enjoy our services. However, registration is one time and thereafter you simply log in as a registered user with your user name and password and enjoy greater facilities as well as enhanced services on our site not available to guests. Plus, you get quicker responses to queries. Registration is easy. Click on signup and fill in the required details. You receive a confirmatory email.

Q. Can I change my password?

A. Yes. Log into your account, click on “my profile”, click on “change password” and reset your password. It is advisable to use alpha-numerics and ensure password has 8 to 12 characters.

Q. Can I sign in if I have forgotten my password?

A. When you log on to the sign in page, you will see a small link “forgot password” on which you click to receive a mail. Follow instructions and create a new password.


Q. How to book?

A. Select the holiday package or hotel accommodation service you need. Select the holiday package, note the starting date and the cost. Click on the “book now” button. Then fill in the required details and make payment through our secured payment gateway. Make sure it is https. You receive a confirmation email and a phone call from us.

Q. What is included in holiday package or hotel room bookings?

A. When you open the relevant holiday package package page or the hotel booking page, you will see a note at the bottom that lists inclusions and exclusions. Each package or hotel booking has different inclusions and exclusions. You will need to check thoroughly. If still in doubt, call us.

Q. Is it possible to book without a credit card?

A. At this time we accept payment only by credit cards for holiday packages and for hotel bookings so you must have a valid credit card.

Q. Can I book by phone?

A. Yes. Give us a call on our helpline number and our representative will guide you through the booking process. We will follow this up with an email or a printed letter through post if you do not have access to online facilities. You need to make payment to confirm the booking.

Q. Can I book by email?

A. Yes, you can book by email and we will respond by email. You will need to make payment to confirm the booking within the time limit specified failing which bookings will be considered null and void.

Q. Can I book for a group?

A. Yes, you can call our helpine number and leave a message. Our group booking expert will get in touch with you and discuss your requirement leading to a group booking for holiday packages or hotel accommodation. Payment for group will have to be made by one individual and by credit card.

Q. Can we get a discount for group booking?

A. Our group tour expert will discuss all these matters and you will get the best possible deal.

Q. How do I know my booking is confirmed?

A. Provided you have submitted all details and have made the appropriate booking payment, we will send a confirmatory email to your email address and the email will include all details along with a unique reference number for future correspondence. You can also log in to your account and view your booking status online.

Q. What if I do not have a confirmation by email or online?

A. If you cannot view confirmation online or have not received an email, please phone us and also send an email message to our email address.

Q. How to book hotels not listed on your site?

A. You have to send an email to us or call us on our phone and we will respond to discuss your booking. If it is possible you will be informed accordingly and you can book.

Q. I have not received email reservation confirmation. What to do?

A. First check your spam folder to see if our email has been diverted to the spam folder. If not, please email us or phone us and state full details of the hotel or the holiday package you have selected.

Q. What are usual check in and check out times for hotels?

A. The usual check in time is 4 PM local time. Hotels may have various check out times such as 12 midnight or 24 hour checkout or 2 PM according to each hotel’s policy. Please check and make sure.

Q. Will hotel reserve my room if I am going to be late?

A. If you hold a confirmed booking through us, the hotel will hold your room until 8AM the next day after your planned arrival time and date.

Q. If I arrive earlier than the prescribed check in date and time, is my reservation valid and do I get accommodation?

A. If you plan to arrive earlier on the date you booked, let us know in advance and we will coordinate with hotel staff to accommodate you in a room, if it is available.

Q. Is it necessary to show ID proof at the time of check in?

A. Hotels will ask for ID proof. You can show voter ID, driving license, copy of passport or any other valid photo ID with residence proof. Some hotels may ask for identification of both husband and wife if you check in as a couple and may refuse accommodation if either is not able to provide it. Please check before you book.

Q. Is it possible to change name on reservation of hotel?

A. Yes it is provided you let us know in advance so that we can coordinate with hotel. If you are booking on someone’s behalf, you must specify guest’s name at the time of reservation. Failure may result in refusal by hotel.

Payment & Refund

Q. Is it possible to pay cash on arrival at hotel, after I reserve a room?

A. At this moment we have only credit card payment facility for hotel reservations and accept major cards. Credit card payment is subject to Pay@hotel, pay 1 night and non-refundable basis.

Q. What other payment options do you offer?

A. At this moment we have only credit card payment. Major credit cards are accepted.

Q. How is payment by credit card safe with your site?

A. BookingAccess.com is a registered, Godaddy hosted site with a secure, encrypted payment gateway. When you choose payment option you are redirected to a site starting with https with Prieuam Secure Socket Layer and site lock safe guard session facility. All credit card details are secure when entered through this https: site.

Q. What about refund in case of cancellation?

A. We are expeditious in processing refunds as applicable after deductions. The entire process takes about 10 days for the refund amount to reflect in your account. Some banks may take about 15 to 30 days or may process payments only in the next billing cycle. Details are reflected in your credit card statement. Please keep in touch with us should you have any difficulties in obtaining refunds after the stipulated period.

Q. Why do I get message “credit card payment declined”?

A. This depends on a variety of factors. Your credit card should be authorized for the amount for which you are making payment. It should be valid. You should not have crossed the limit. You should not have excess outstanding. The credit card may not be valid with our payment processors. You can try again with the same card or use another credit card.

Q. What is CVV on the credit card?

A. Credit card companies have introduced the card verification number (CVV) as a means to enhance security and prevent frauds. This number is kept confidential and can never be hacked by any means. It will never show up in bills or statements. You need to enter the CVV at the time of making payment in order that the bank may process payment.


Q. How to cancel bookings?

A. Log into your account. Select the booking you have made and then select the cancellation option. Read the cancellation and applicable refund policy carefully as regards your hotel or holiday package tour.

Q. Where to find your cancellation policy?

A. A generalized cancellation policy for hotel bookings is detailed in the hotel pages. However, each hotel has its own policies. Learn about their policy in detail before booking a reservation in a hotel room.

Q. What is cancellation charge?

A. Cancellation charges are optionally levied by hotels when a guest makes payment and reserves a room but later on chooses to cancel the reservation. Cancellation policy varies from one hotel to another. Also, you have to pay selfbookings.com the appropriate cancellation charges specified in our site should you wish to cancel reservations. How far in advance you cancel a booking also influences the amount of cancellation charge levied by hotels.

Q. Is partial cancellation possible?

A. If you are traveling as a group, you can ask for partial cancellation within the specified period. Applicable cancellation charge relates to how far in advance you cancel, the hotel policies and our refund policy.

Q. How do I know if my booking has been canceled?

A. Once you have canceled your reservation you should receive an email confirming the cancellation. Please check your inbox and spam/junk mail folders. If you don’t receive an email please contact us.

Q. Can I cancel or modify my reservation through Bookingaccess.com?

A. Yes, it’s easy to cancel or modify your booking at My Account section after login to your account. Please remember to check the hotel’s cancellation policy before making any changes to your reservation. Non-refundable rooms are not applicable for any cancellation or changes under policy.

Q. Is it possible to add an extra bed in our hotel room for our child?

A. Infants and babies are usually allowed to stay along with parents in the same room without any extra cost. The usual age for such consideration is 12 years or below for the children. Some hotels may limit number of children allowed to 1 or 2. Availability of extra bedding or cost depends on each hotel’s policy. Some may allow an extra bed and charge extra while others will not entertain any such request. You can ask for a baby cot and some hotels will provide this at extra cost if child is below 2 years of age.

Q. How is it possible to know if extra bed is available and the price?

A. When you select a hotel and start the booking process you will see the rates displayed and also details such as extra bed and room types. If extra bed is available the option will display on that page and you can see the cost of the extra bed. If you select one, its cost will be added to cost of reservation.

Q. Does room rental include breakfast?

A. Hotels have their own policy. If breakfast is available for free, it is shown on the page when you book your room. If it is not shown, then you can infer that breakfast is not included.

Q. Is there a choice for all inclusive, half board, fullboard or additional meals when I book a hotel room?

A. This depends on the hotel’s policies over which we have no control. You can check with hotel on arrival to see if they can accommodate you.

Q. Do hotels charge for parking, gym, sauna and other facilities?

A. Again, it all depends on the hotel where you book your room. The hotel staff can give you the clear picture so talk to them upon arrival or before booking.

Q. is extra bed compulsory if I have additional member?

A. If your child is below 12 years of age they might be accommodated free but an extra bed may not be provided. If you have an adult, then you have to pay for the extra bed.

Q. I want to see all different types of rooms available.

A. Log into your account, select the hotel where you want to book and click on “show more available room types” and your screen will display suitable information. Some rooms may be displayed but may be grayed out on screen if not available.

Q. How to know if hotel offers certain facilities?

A. Click on the facilities tab after selecting a hotel. It will show amenities and facilities the hotel provides. This may also be shown under heading “useful information”.

Q. What is difference between single, double and twin rooms?

A. Only one person can stay in a single room. A double room has double bed or two single beds where you can also accommodate your child if he is below 12 years of age and a double room can also be booked by a single person. A twin room means it is meant for double occupancy and has to single beds, such as shared accommodation specified in holiday packages.

Q. I want to know what type of breakfast the hotel provides.

A. It all depends on individual hotels if they have stated that breakfast is included. You should check directly with hotel where you have booked a room.

Q. I want to know hotel contact number and address.

A. We provide full details of hotels on the hotel information page on our website. The hotel address and telephone appear on the booking voucher.

Q. Is it possible to modify hotel bookings?

A. It is possible provided you initiate the process at least 48 hours before check in time. After that it is not possible. You either stay, cancel or forfeit if you do not show up.

Q. Is it safe to make online bookings through BookingAccess.com?

A. Yes, it is absolutely safe since we are tied up with Godaddy hosting who offer top notch reliable and trustworthy safety features using latest encryption and security measures. Your information is kept highly confidential using industry standard encryption and payments are through secured SSL layers.

Q. What is your privacy policy?

A. Please check our page on privacy policy regarding dealing with our website. Dealings outside website are not covered by the site’s privacy policy. However, we assure you that details shared with our partners are covered by NDA and security policies.

Q. What terms and conditions apply to bookings?

A. All dealings with our site are covered by terms and conditions stated in the site. All reservations over the phone with our reservation agents are also covered by terms and conditions of use. Please read and understand carefully before booking in order to avoid unpleasantness later on. If you have doubts, obtain clarifications from us.

Q. How do I know if the hotel has parking facilities available or not ?

A. Under "Facilities" in hotel details page you can check all available facilities of the hotel. if the hotel has parking, please contact them directly with the contact information provided in your booking confirmation.

Q. Can I store my bags at the hotel before check-in or after check-out?

A. You can see if a hotel offers luggage storage under "Hotel Facilities" on the hotel's page. If you need more information about the hotel's luggage storage facilities, please contact the hotel directly using the contact details provided in your booking confirmation.

Q. How do I find out if a hotel has a certain facility, e.g. an elevator?

A. Under "Hotel Facilities" you can see a list of all the hotel’s facilities, activities and services.

Q. I will be arriving earlier/later than the stated check-in time. Can I still check in?

A. Usually this is not a problem; you can arrange for an after-hours check-in with most hotels. However, you should always confirm with the hotel. You can specify your estimated check-in time while making the reservation.

 You can manage your booking online to request check-in outside of the standard hours.
 You can contact the property directly using the contact details in your booking confirmation.

It's important to remember that the property can't always accommodate these requests. They'll be happy to let you into your room early if possible, but there might not be anyone there in person to welcome you if you arrive late at night at a remote apartment. It's always best to check with the property directly and in advance to avoid confusion.

Q. How can I find a hotel's check-in/check-out times?

Check-in/check-out times differ for each hotel. You can find a specific hotel's check-in/check-out polices in the " Policies option.

Q. How do I get more information about the room or hotel facilities?

A. Full list of room facilities and room photos available of each hotels in hotel detailed page , just click on the room type (e.g. "Single Room"). You can find all of the hotel's facilities just below the list of room types under "Hotel Facilities."

Q. I want to check out after the stated check-out time. What should I do?

A. A late check-out can only be arranged with the hotel and usually depends on availability at the time of your stay. You can ask about the possibility at the front desk upon arrival.

Q. I want a smoking room, but I can only choose a non-smoking room. How can I request a smoking room?

A. If there are no rooms listed as "smoking rooms," it means that the hotel does not allow smoking in rooms.

Q. How do I find out if a hotel allows pets?

A. Pet policies are always displayed on the hotel’s page under "Hotel Policies."